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I was tasked with designing the illustration packaging for the Verb® Products 2023 Holiday Kits for three different collections. The packaging is a “Where’s Waldo” themed game where consumers can find the hidden products in the immersive illustration.


Specific responsibilities included:


  • Conceptualize, design, and implement characters, scenery, and all other elements of illustration

  • Create elements within the kit that are meaningful to Verb® and relate to the holiday season

  • Create a scenic environment that blends the worlds of NYC and Austin

  • Hide elements consumers can find

  • Work with the packaging designer to ensure the illustration translates to 3D and prints seamlessly

Verb_Wheres_Ghost_Angle_ENG copy.png
Verb_Wheres_Ghost_ULTA_Angle copy 2.png
Verb_Wheres_Hydrate_Angle_ENG copy 2.png
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